CNN discusses Active Shooter: America Under Fire with Saidman

Excerpt from the article: 

As a veteran nonfiction storyteller, Saidman sees it as his job to reflect what’s happening in society, but even he knows “Active Shooter” is difficult to watch.”We’re asking people to process these incredibly gripping but painful stories while new ones are unfolding in front of our eyes and on the front pages of newspapers,” he said. “That’s really difficult in some ways, but we think that’s what makes this series all that more important for people to see.”

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, Showtime pulled a repeat of “Active Shooter” from its schedule. Saidman said producers supported the move, but remain committed to starting a conversation.

Inaction, he said, is “obviously not working.”

“The idea that we’ve accepted these incidents as a normal part of American life is regrettable, but, more importantly, it’s tragic,” he said.

This week’s installment, about the shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is scheduled to air as planned, according to Showtime.  

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