‘Empires Of New York’ Trailer: From Gotti To Trump, CNBC Explores Real-Life Gordon Gekkos Of The 1980s

Forbes Entertainment can exclusively reveal the official trailer for the docuseries, which explores the almost inconceivable excess and avarice of the 1980s, as seen through the meteoric careers of five key people: “arbitrage king” of Wall Street Ivan Boesky; queen of New York real estate Leona Helmsley; audacious U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani; powerful organized crime boss John Gotti; and, of course, the media-savvy business tycoon Donald J. Trump. All of them would eventually fall from grace and…oh yeah, one even became President of the United States.

Empires of New York is appropriately narrated by Golden Globe and Emmy winner Paul Giamatti, who plays U.S. Attorney Chuck Roades on Showtime’s Billions. The character detests wealthy individuals (like Damian Lewis’s hedge fund manager Bobby Axelord, for instance) who use their money to avoid financial-related justice.

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