‘Selena + Chef’: Selena Gomez and Aaron Saidman Detail “Very Odd” Process Of Filming HBO Max Cooking Show While Under Lockdown

Selena Gomez busts out her cooking chops in the new HBO Max series Selena + Chef. From perfecting French omelettes to undercooking cheese soufflés, the singer said that testing her culinary skills helped get her out of the quarantine rut.

“I was definitely getting down and a lot is going on,” the singer said during HBO’s TCA session on Wednesday. “[The show] was an opportunity to make something that could make people smile.”

Crew members, who were regularly tested for the virus, received temperature checks upon arrival and wore face coverings at all times; did not come in contact with Gomez and those who quarantined with the singer, Saidman said. Instead, they operated remote cameras, rigged in the singer’s living room and kitchen, from outside.

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