This Is Paris Press Coverage

This Is Paris  garners more than 800 press stories around the world. Paris Hilton has done nearly 60 top-tier broadcast, print, online, podcast and radio interviews in support of this documentary globally. This includes:

The New York Times: Who Is Paris Hilton, Really?

Vanity Fair: Paris Hilton on Finally Finding Her Voice, Figuratively and Literally

Fortune: Paris Hilton was the original influencer. Now a new documentary lets viewers see past the facade

Variety: Paris Hilton Aims to Redefine Her Brand by Sharing Childhood Trauma in ‘This Is Paris’ Documentary

PEOPLE: Paris Hilton Opens Up About the Secret Terrifying Abuse She Suffered as a Teen

WSJ Magazine: Paris Hilton on Her Biggest Necessity

InStyle: Paris Hilton Is Kind of Over “Paris Hilton”

The Hollywood Reporter: Paris Hilton Is In On the Joke in Revealing Documentary ‘This Is Paris’

AVClub: Paris Hilton says making the This Is Paris documentary was like therapy

Psychology Today: What Parents Can Learn From the Paris Hilton Documentary

The New York Observor: Paris Hilton Goes to War With the Multi-Billion Dollar Troubled Teen Industry