Living Undocumented Roundup: Coverage & Reviews

Living Undocumented recieved glowing coverage from a variety of press outlets. 

Decider: “Living Undocumented” is a powerful, necessary watch, especially after years of seeing these storylines unfold in fiction. This Netflix series is the most 2019 show on TV, and that’s the devastating truth.”  (Read more)

The Guardian: “The expert commentary gives the series the effect of an adapted longform article – personal narrative journey illuminating baffling bureaucracy.”  (Read more)

Mashable: “Living Undocumented is a fantastic, simultaneously educational and emotional learning experience. The series debunks myths, communicates vital narratives, and resoundingly expresses that the deportations and detentions of innocent people are unfair, oppressive, and the result of overwhelmingly complicated bureaucratic processes.” (Read more)

Bustle: “Ultimately, Living Undocumented exceeds its modest aim, capturing not only the America we’re already living in, but the parts of it that we’re perhaps failing to see.”  (Read more)

CNN: “A passionate piece of advocacy filmmaking.” (Read more)

Associated Press:  “‘Living Undocumented’ probes plight of migrants.” (Read more)